AMMUNITION Parking Lot Sale

LAX AMMO will be having our next parking lot ammo sale on TO BE DETERMINED.  It will be from 9 am – 5  pm in our rear parking lot.   Plenty of close parking on the street and possibly in our new parking lot, shorter lines due to  3 registers, more ammunition ( especially reloads ) and more food and drinks for our guests.

This will be like a mini gun show and we will have our best pricing on handgun, rifle and shotgun ammunition.  Both factory new and reloads will be available for the sale.    In addition, LAX will be having some super deals on In-Store merchandise and our reloads will be at a one day all time low!  Specials pricing will be only for that one day and during the hours of 9 am – 5 pm.

Prices will be so low that I usually do not advertise them until the day of the sale.  Please tell all of your friends.  We will be having food and drinks for all those that show up.

We plan on doing 3 parking lot sales a year.

Hope to see you then,

Dan Kash



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